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Savannah Computing has been the Caribbean distributor for DataStore and DS32® and its suite of application products, since 1995. See Case Study

DataStoreDSX is a comprehensive Information Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software platform that delivers end-to-end control of all the content across an organisation. This includes scanned documents, text files, images, word documents, emails, print streams and spreadsheets.

DSX has been built to ensure customers adhere to regulatory compliance requirements in terms of record keeping. This gives you complete control over the capture, indexing, archival, retrieval, accessibility, delivery and retention of every item of business-critical information, via a single, secure, central repository. Information becomes quicker to capture; safer to store; easier to access; faster to process, and simpler to deliver.

DSX consists of a range of components that may be implemented as either a point solution to address a specific business requirement, or as an integrated end-to-end enterprise-wide Information Management solution. Whether starting with a simple document imaging departmental project, or a full enterprise-wide solution, DataStoreDSX provides a proven flexible, scalable platform.

Highlights and Benefits:

Document Imaging

DataStoreDSX imaging is designed to electronically capture paper-based information, and then securely index, archive, manage and retrieve the documents in electronic format, thereby fulfilling record keeping requirements. Once documents have been archived, they may be retrieved within seconds. Users may then annotate and/or append notes. Anything that could have been edited or actioned on a paper document now has the same functionality as its electronic replacement.

Microsoft Office Archiving

DSX’s integration with Microsoft Office eliminates the need to jump between applications to manage content.  Documents can be archived singularly, on an ad-hoc basis, or the process may be automated to archive, for example, the entire contents of a folder.

Whilst many enterprises back-up desktop applications to tape or other external storage, restoring that information can be extremely resource and time intensive. DSX enables users to immediately retrieve any archived document, irrespective of source, safe in the knowledge that it too is securely backed-up.

Electronic Document Delivery

The DSX Electronic Document Delivery module allows organisations to automatically deliver customer facing documents securely online, saving up to 90% on print and mailing costs. Customers enjoy the convenience of instant access to electronic documents, and organisations benefit from reduced printing and mailing costs, increased efficiency, reduction in paper waste and improved customer service.

The secure, scalable, high performance solution also helps businesses reduce risk by providing greatly improved information security and data protection capabilities and enhancing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning with secure 24/7 remote access capability.

Report Mining & Archiving

Highly valuable corporate information that could improve audit, reduce risk, assist in investigations and enhance customer service is often locked away inside transactional data that is contained within Financial Reports & Statements.

DataStoreDSX Report Mining allows users to automatically extract transactional information from within static Reports & Statements, analyse and re-format it, create new reports or spreadsheets, respond to enquiries, or complete reconciliation tasks within seconds – without re-keying data!

Records Management

Keeping documents for the right amount of time is a real burden. Content of all formats comes in hourly, daily, monthly and yearly – each type requiring a different retention period anywhere between 24 hours to forever. This retention task quickly becomes complicated and tedious to manage manually. Often, it’s not done at all and documents are kept forever or until storage gets low and a mass purge is necessary. Storing documents forever is not only expensive but it exposes the organisation to unnecessary risk.
DataStoreDSX offers automated retention scheduling and records management functionality. Following a simple set-up to define specific retention periods, information can be kept or indeed deleted automatically when the life-cycle expires or flagged for review before deletion. This makes the whole process simple and keeps regulators and auditors satisfied.

Workflow and Business Process Management

DSX Workflow enhances the capability of DataStoreDSX, by providing streamlined, cost effective and efficient automation of core business processes.
Workflow provides a Business Process Management solution to optimise existing business processes, improving productivity and speeding up document and information processing time. Benefits are visible immediately as documents and other business content is directed automatically to the right place at the right time, giving staff relevant information at their fingertips without having to manually search.

Experienced Savannah Computing personnel are assigned to providing implementation, application support and maintenance for this product.

DataStore is currently in use at some of the major financial institutions in Trinidad.

DataStore at Republic Bank – Fast Return on Investment

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