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Infor (the new owners of Systems Union) has launched an all new online support site called Infor365 which now replaces direct email to the support desk. This new website is the only electronic means of submitting problems or issues raised in relations to the SunSystems & Vision applications.

With its support-oriented features, including incident logging and updating, Infor365 is an efficient and effective tool for communicating with SunSystems and Vision support.

Because of this, the following e-mail addresses have been decommissioned:

You are required to register as a valid SunSystems & Vision user at and select “register now” and a password will be created and emailed to you within 24 hours.

Infor365 is the only electronic method in which new incidents will be accepted. Please login to Infor365 to log your issue – emails for new support requests will no longer be accepted.

If you have registered but are unsure of your password, you can click on the “forgot your password” link to have it emailed to you.

It is recommended that your assigned system administrator be the main point of contact with the support website and that the Infor365 website be visited periodically.

The Infor365 Online Support portal allows you to do everything from managing your submitted problems & concerns, participating in discussion groups with other customers, downloading software you are licensed for, and accessing a host of other Infor tools, links and information.

This facility is in addition to the normal working hours availability of the Savannah Computing support service at (868) 623 3829.