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Piarco, Trinidad – July 1st, 2005– The Trinidad & Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPost) has upgraded its financial software suite, SunSystems4 to SunSystems5 to further enhance the management of its financial operations.

Savannah Computing, one of the Caribbean’s leading financial management software providers, handled the implementation. The upgrade was completed in September 2005, along with the upgrade of Vision suite of Business Intelligence & Analytic Tools.

TTPost originally migrated to SunSystems in 2002 as a result of an overall review of their information systems and technology infrastructures. As Frank Walkins, General Manager, Finance of TTPost, explains, “The review of our overall information requirements and systems environment led to the implementation of a client-server based platform and a two point application software strategy. The first was to buy best of breed software for each business requirement and the second was to ensure that upgrades were implemented to maximize the use of new functions & features and support for the latest architecture”.


Upgrading to SunSystems 5 continued the principal of ensuring all software met the highest standards. The customisation available across all levels of the software is truly impressiveSunSystems5 also integrates more easily with other third party software using the transfer desk and integrated XML utilities.

Frank Walkins, General Manager, Finance of TTPost said:

“SunSystems5 allows greater flexibility for users to customise the application to meet their requirements in how they wish to view, report and use the software. We wanted to satisfy ourselves that we had got it right both with regard to our financial reporting and how the software performed. Now that we have gone live, we expect to see many benefits and productivity improvements as a result”.

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Systems Union is a leading provider of financial management and business software, support and services for mid-market and public sector organizations.  The SunSystems Financials Application is installed in over 25 leading companies in Trinidad, Barbados and Guyana. 

SunSystems, available in 30 languages and with over 18,000 customer sites in 190 countries, is the leading international, mid-market financial management solution. SunSystems operates independently of database and server and runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 with SQL Server or Oracle, and UNIX with Oracle. 

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Savannah Computing is a software services company based in Port of Spain, Trinidad, that provides financial products and consulting services to the major financial and business sectors in the Caribbean.